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Change Without couple fights!

Case 1
1: The first time you met him at a restaurant, you're stressed a lot of work. With office tasks berjibun, you do not have time to exercise as usual. So do you weigh two pounds added. Office tasks done, you often add nge-date with him. Six months later, by the time you spend eating out, barbeque on Sunday, eat together at home, while watching DVD delivery, and so on. In short, add more you weighed five pounds. The first time began to close, he could say like women and can enjoy the food contains. But the last few weeks much has changed. Six months and seven days after it first met, she gave the gift of a year in a member-equipped fitness center with personal trainer. Ouch!

Case 2
2: You've been together for six months. First met at happy hour at a famous club. He does not make you interested in the face or appearance. But, you connect and despite extensive knowledge of styles of dresses such as om-om. In short, he prefers to wear black baggy pants (ancient), patterned blue polo shirt (no Ralph Lauren here), brown loafers and a brown belt every day. The variation is just a long sleeve shirt, baggy jeans and oversized shirts. When I first met you think he just got home from work (the lights in the club is not reliable). But, his style began to interfere with your eyes and your mind the last few weeks. We met last night, you give him a surprise gift. He opened the bag with the spirit and frowning. Contents skinny jeans, khaki pants and shirt today and shirts that fit but not tight. He said, "what you mean?"

How to Be Positive
Early relationships are blind us to certain things. Yet the things that we do not see (or without our conscious effort to tolerate) is in fact contrary to the taste or our thinking. The desire to change someone to be healthier or more appropriate dress is not one. But, unfortunately, we can only change Ourselves. Although we are good intentions, the changes will not start and continue without us, too, changed. Better to bring together partners to make changes. So that was fair and beneficial to both parties.
For example, the proposed fitness center will be a member more effective and fun to apply to both. Ideally, this proposal also includes dialogue policies for your pleasure and it is: sports together; do with a healthy activity; healthy living, and improve the lifestyle of both.
Although honesty and communication is important in any relationship, it would be difficult to ask for a change of partners if demand looks to one side, let alone any element of personal interest. By changing the way the words that indicate the intention for a better life and sincerely for the sake of health or for the benefit of a partner, we create an atmosphere that is more fitting for a change. And she does not feel forced or even offended.
Agree or not? Awaited comments!

The Long Distance Dating

The Long Distance Dating .Maybe  one of you is currently undergoing a long-distance love. Hm .., was cool to undergo long distance love. Feelings will be more exciting, there is a suspicion that comes on suddenly, there is a sense of happiness when he suddenly called us, and more familiar with our hearts longing. Anyway fun!.

Love does not know the place and time, any where feelings could blossom. Therefore many couples of different distances appear separated, rivers, mountains, seas, to the continent. Such couples do have their own challenges. If trust and love is too strong, the relationship could easily fall apart. Before that happens, read these tips first:

These days everything is all easy. Although the continent of many different communication alternatives that can be taken. In addition to the phone, with the sophistication of internet chatting can be done by chat. Want to send photos, videos until everything was possible. Moreover, the costs are also much cheaper. No more excuses for not communicating. There is no doubt, suspicion, or other feelings, speak directly to her lover. Do not bury yourself and second guessing .....
About the frequency, adjust to their respective activities. Not to interfere and make him upset.

But on the sidelines of an electronic communication, there's nothing wrong occasionally punctuated by regular mail in the mail. In addition to more personal, in the regular mail you can leave a fragrance that you use often resulting in feelings of nostalgia in her. If he missed home food could not hurt to occasionally send her favorite dishes. But before that check first with the shipping company or post office food delivery procedures.

Create a surprise
Surprise is often the refreshment of a relationship. For a long distance to take advantage of shipping services. Occasionally sending flowers can be a romantic longing bidder. If there was enough time for a holiday surprise him by coming to his city. But remember, too busy, do not require too much time. If possible, find out first on his schedule that day. Your visit will not be necessary for long, the important sense of longing was relieved.

Set the rules
To avoid misunderstandings and things that do not want you should set some ground rules. For example, how long must meet, if every day should be called, is there a special day where you have to meet, and various other rules.

Anticipate all possible
His name is a long distance relationship, many factors must confront barriers. Although already made your plans should always be prepared for the worst. For example, when it was an appointment, your lover there is a sudden meeting. Or you can just could not go to see him as a friend to confide in friends after breaking up with girlfriend.

Trust and tolerance
When it is committed to long-distance relationship, trust is very important to the couple. If you can not trust your partner you should think twice before embarking on a long distance relationship. You can be tired of his own tortured suspicion and jealousy because they can not always keep an eye on her lover. If there is a feeling of suspicion or anxiety, revealed to him directly. Do not keep to themselves and develop into a problem.

Emotional state is difficult to control. Sometimes a little upset could be a problem. Especially for long distance couples, patience is an important aspect. As reported love article, emotional couples in long distance relationships more explosive. Though the couple should really appreciate the times when they are on the phone or meet.

Therefore, when problems arise you should try to be patient and do not immediately explode. Remember, meetings and communication is quite difficult should be filled with fun things that make the relationship more intimate. Always end the conversation with the sweet words.

Weigh the pros and cons
Not everyone can live a long distance relationship as well. Need lots of patience and effort to get through it all. Consider the positive and negative relationships was undertaken. Are you and your partner happy? Are you more likely to fight than making out? Whether the relationship changed for the worse after a loved one move to another city? And various other things.

If after apparently weighed the bad things is superior, it could not hurt you to think twice about continuing the relationship long distance. Do not rush to end the relationship, had a good talk with a lover. Give the right reasons and arguments. In the end, it would be good if you and your partner can find a way out. Anyone know of any changes will actually make it more intimate. But if not, the harsh reality must be taken. Anyway who would want to keep grief and suffering for love.

Future predictions
Relationships that have a goal, make sure you and your partner live more spirit. If it is time to strengthen the commitment it could not hurt. At least do not be avoided when talking about it. An especially long-distance relationship to 'lure' that makes you and your partner remain strong. At least there is something that is expected and intended.

Adage about love and feelings

Adage about love and feelings

You are loved and cherished the most beautiful gift that God gave me.

Love you take a few seconds, but it took me forget you for life.

May God give us met accidentally with the wrong people before meeting the right man so that when we finally meet the right man, we'll know how to thank the administration and the wisdom behind the gift.

I want to win back your love come true. When I was in a torment of love, you walked away without ever thinking of me.

Love is not teaching us weak, but of power. Love is not teaching us humiliate ourselves, but breathes valor. Love is not discouraging, but uplifting.

If tomorrow morning before,
I challenge that the sun will wake up from its deep sleep ..
Because I was the only light that will be able to warm his cold heart.

When one door of happiness is closed, the other will always be open but we will look at the closed door that had been so long that we do not look the other door has been opened for us.

Why run in the dark? Moderate fog did not want to part. Let them go, a dream I do not even want. Though longing is created for you.

Memories of first love is, love is the second lesson, and so love is a purpose for life without love is like food without salt. Be on guard for love that was given was the best that he continue to bloom and fragrance throughout the season.

I do not know how long my age, but I'm sure my love for you forever.

Although today you carve the wound in my heart. I'll still love you like I loved you yesterday.

True love is not blind. Love is something that is pure, noble and necessary. Love is blind is when you master it without any consideration.

At first, I did not care. When you go, I was always waiting for you. Whether it be love?

The best friend is someone we should sit together in the crib and berbuai together without saying anything and then walked home with the feeling that this is the most powerful perbualan we have ever rasai.

You came in time to the middle of whack egoisan will love. Bring light and peace, makes me not give up to embrace a love story with you.

I do not care when meeting
When you go I always look forward
Is this the name of love
Are there any you feel the same

In this world there are only 5 people I love, my mother, my father, biological brother, my friends and the last one is you. why did you dump it on the last order? because I want you to be the last Love and no love other than my last love to you

It is true that we will not know what we have lost our sehinggalah its also true that we will not know what we missed sehinggalah "It was" present.

When God was giving me the opportunity to live longer,
I just want to go through it with you dear.

For what to talk of love
If your heart is not open
For what to talk of love
If your eyes do not shine
For what to talk of love
If it will make you hurt
For me, the love's you

In my heart I'm waiting, I put my heart as a sign of sincere love.

He is just minutes away to take a period of one to fall in love with someone, an hour to like someone, a day to love someone but it takes time to forget one's lifetime.

Suffering is the dark shadow of yourself, when loyalty is the reason for mencampakanku! I would not run away from love is always memasungku.

Rose blooms as you plant
in my heart
So fragrant fragrant
Symbolize all the love
and love
Just for you a

Do not look for beauty, because It was going moldy old swallowed, do not go after luxury because It was going to swallow the shrinkage. What is eternal beauty's heart.

You never realize the magnitude
Until it's farewell
I was shocked, I'm afraid
Forgive stupidity
I need you

Love begins with a smile degan, blossom end degan degan kiss and cry.

Love the person on the basis of who he is now and not who he was before. The story of the past do not need to be referred to again, would you really love him wholeheartedly.


false love

false love

I have a love that I can not see
I have a love that I can not touch
So far I love it if you want to achieve
Love it so difficult if I wanted sanding

Only through these verses I was able to tell
And from these verses I hope I was able to devote
Leaving speck of hope that in this
A grain of my heart that tired feeling lonely

I'm lonely without you my hand
kesespian when I had to own and away from you

My miss prolonged unstoppable in the soul
Has given rise to the words in my will
"I want to see even a glimpse of your soul"
Could it happen to me and to miss this

I think the feeling is not just a fantasy
It is this sense that we used to enjoy both
Filled with a sense of romance dam
As this is our battle fields first

There was never a thing that makes the barrier
Although I have to pay for it with tears

Now all became too apparent when
Heart longs for the sake of this I was able to wait
Would not view the time when calling
still miss it just for you I Miss You

Love Letters - Relationship Communication Through Writing

Think, for a moment, of a by-gone era in which the only form of communication between courting lovers who were separated was a letter. History is fraught with the love-sick words of both the famous and the infamous. Love letters were not reserved just for the separated, for there are numerous examples of lovers exchanging letters daily as a way to communicate their deep devotion. Below is an example from Beethoven.

July 6, 1806

My angel, my all, my very self -- only a few words today and at that with your pencil -- not till tomorrow will my lodgings be definitely determined upon -- what a useless waste of time. Why this deep sorrow where necessity speaks -- can our love endure except through sacrifices -- except through not demanding everything -- can you change it that you are not wholly mine, I not wholly thine?

Oh, God! look out into the beauties of nature and comfort yourself with that which must be -- love demands everything and that very justly -- that it is with me so far as you are concerned, and you with me. If we were wholly united you would feel the pain of it as little as I!

Now a quick change to things internal from things external. We shall surely see each other; moreover, I cannot communicate to you the observations I have made during the last few days touching my own life -- if our hearts were always close together I would make none of the kind. My heart is full of many things to say to you - Ah! -- there are moments when I feel that speech is nothing after all -- cheer up -- remain my true, only treasure, my all as I am yours; the gods must send us the rest that which shall be best for us.

Your faithful,


Not only do love letters serve as a proclamation of love, it is a platform for sincere thought, for love letters are especially reflective. There is a deep sense of the offering of our deepest and most intimate thoughts when we put them in writing and share them with our love.

Love letters do more than share sentiments, they bring form to the intangibility of love. They give us evidence of love. We can hold it, read it, reflect on it, read it again and respond and as with the example above, love letters stand the test of time. We know what Beethoven was feeling in 1806 because he put it in writing.

An additional advantage of communicating through love letters is that often more depth of expression occurs in the process of writing. When we compose a love letter, it is just us and our emotions and we are free to explore those emotions more fully, exploring more completely the depths of our love.

In our modern world of instant communication and immediate access to tweets, texts, status updates and instant messaging, something is lost, and it is something wonderful, that is very romantic and meaningful. It is the thoughtful expression of sincere sentiment that can be view time and again. Technology also limits the experience of viewing these sentiments in loving hand-formed words. There is something very personal about a hand-written letter. It is an art and is arguable that it is in itself a loving act.

I had the experience of sharing a love journal with my late husband. Every morning, I made an entry in the journal and left it under his pillow. When I got home at the end of the day, the journal would be under my pillow, filled with all the words I longed to hear from him, but he had difficulty verbalizing. He died suddenly and those pages have meant the world to me through the years since his death.

If your relationship needs a boost, translate your true feelings into written words. Be brave and communicate what is truly in your heart for your lover. Lift your communications to include more than when the kids need to be picked up or the trash needs to be taken out. Invest in communication that lasts. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Mary Tucker is the owner and founder of the Coaching firm, Cultivate Your Life. She teaches people from all walks of life how to create the cultivated life. She is the author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles on personal growth, conscious leadership and successful living. Mary is known for her "no excuses" approach to coaching for a sustainable transformation.

By Mary Tucker