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Love and Relationships in Modern Society

It is very common to hear these days that romance is dead, or that love and relationships of the present age just do not have the passion of the old days. But how true is that? Were relationships of the past so filled with romance and so perfect as often described?

The truth is, all those amazing love stories that are told in great novels and movies, even when real, are the rarest of relationships. From an early age, a perception is created in people's minds about love and relationships, that it should all be as in fairy tales or in a romance; that love, when it comes, will be forever and will be a perfect and a smooth ride. Human beings are not perfect, therefore their relationships can't be perfect either.

We're not that much different from people who lived centuries ago; our core is still the same, our desires and feelings are unchanged. What has truly progressed, on the other hand, is a society which has now a different set of values that changed the way people perceive love and relationships. A few decades ago a wedding ring meant it was forever, but not because the couple would love each other endlessly; it was only because it was not possible to break the vows of marriage. No matter what happened between the two, there were no exit doors. And even though we are given the idea of these perfect marriages, the unavoidable truth is there were problems. They were just hidden behind veils of lies and deceit.

The key to making love and relationships last and be happy doesn't involve any magic, or a ring; it's about both people committing themselves to the fullest. Often people are so lost in their search for the stereotypes they believe, that they forget commitment and love is truly important to make things work. This is something that will remain the same over the years.

Love and relationships haven't changed that much over the centuries, because men and women still feel the same way and are still after the same desires. Their surroundings, on the other hand, have evolved the perceptions of these ideas. Before, just as it is now, relationships were haunted with many problems, doubts and struggles between the couple, but no one is interested in reading stories about failed romances of the past. And this is what creates the dream of perfection in the minds of people, that is so far from reality.

By Janet J. Deanie

Love and Long Lasting Relationships - Learn The Magic of Making Up

If you are old enough to remember back in the day, (I mean the 70's and before) starting with late elementary school, junior high school and then senior high school, relationships started for most of us. Of course, they didn't last very long, a couple months was the longest without breaking up. You could get back together again, but you would break up again in less time than the first. By the time you finished high school you could have enough experience with relationships that you could actually be "IN LOVE" and a lot of people married their high school "sweethearts". Or, you went on to meet and marry someone you met in college. Some of those marriages are still going strong today, others were not so fortunate. If you talk to the relationships that "made it", they would tell you that they endured. They would also tell you that life is full of obstacles that must be hurdled and hard times that must be plowed through. They probably can even laugh about a lot of it now.

Today we have a different issue. We are not allowed to have known relationships at school. No holding of hands in the hallways between classes, in fact, no physical contact at all. I remember my son liking a little girl in the 5th grade. He was sent to the office for bringing her a tiny box of those little sweet tart hearts for Valentine's Day. On top of it, the entire 5th grade was advised that "there would be no relationships allowed and if the school found out someone was trying to be boyfriend and girlfriend they would be sent to the office and written up." I felt terrible because I was the one who bought the candy for him to give to her.

He is much older now. He has friends that are older than him. None of them have relationships with girls. I notice that there are many many people who are not capable of having any kind of long term relationship. It has always made me wonder if part of this is because they could not nurture those abilities at a younger age. They lack the ability to know a crush from love, from being attracted to actually liking the qualities of someone. The learning process has been removed until much later in life.

Relationships seem to be very disposable these days. People get married, but marriages seem to last a significantly less amount of time. It is my observation that when obstacles present themselves, marriages end. When hard times happen, people look for "greener grass." The thought process today seems to be "you hurt me therefore it must be over." I'm not opposed to the idea that sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs (that's a rule I lived by), but, being from back in the day, I know how to make my marriage work, and it works well.

The internet (I won't mention any particular sites) seems to be a great wrecker of marriages and relationships these days. That's sad, because there are so many easy to use programs out there that can help people have Love and Long Lasting Relationships and actually learn HOW to make their marriage work, but they are not looking for those. If they are, they don't know which ones to pick.

T.W. Jackson has the right idea with "THE MAGIC OF MAKING UP". It's a little unconventional, but so are relationships today which means he nails it! No relationship is hopeless. A relationship by definition is "the connections between or among persons." So, by definition, those connections can be saved. Something at a basic level created relationships that were able to grow into love or marriage. Life happens and those basic connections are lost in the day to day struggles of life, marriage, jobs, family and people lose site of what was really important to begin with.

People can turn back the hands of time and find what was important in their relationships. Men can learn to understand women and women can learn to understand men. People have been putting their relationships back together for years. The question today is their the willingness to find the right answers. The answers are out there, you just need to look for the right ones. I think the only way our children will learn how to have relationships in their future is by watching their parents, so the parents need to figure out how to make their marriage/relationships work for their children's future success. We are going to be their only teachers for this class, so we need to get it right.

By Pat Westermann

The Different Types of Love Relationships

Love is one of the most common topics that people often talk about. As a matter of fact, it is also one of the most frequent Googled words. That simply means that there are a lot of people who have questions and who are seeking for answers regarding love. We started hearing this word at a very young age and we often believe that we feel towards another person is true love and then we realize one day that it is not. But there are different types of love relationships. It is important that you are aware so read further to understand.

There are many definitions of love. Some people even say that love has no exact meaning. Even wise men have different opinions regarding love. There are also several theories that have been formulated by different people. But every experience of love is unique and oftentimes the meaning that they attach to this word is based on their own feelings and emotions.

One type is the liking love wherein intimacy, sharing secrets and feelings are very much involved. This is often associated with friends. There is closeness between persons. Another one is the infatuated love which is more focused on erotic attraction. This is the most type of love that a person experience towards another. There are passion and longing to be with another person. Other people may not be aware of it but they may be involved in another type called the empty love. There are some couples who only remain to be in a relationship because of commitment. This is common among people with arranged marriage.

Another type is the romantic love wherein both passion and intimacy are involved. It could be that there is or there is no commitment involved. This often happens during the first few months of any love relationship and could also reach a point where it disappears. The type that most successful marriage relationships have is the companionate love. It is important that couples share a good foundation of friendship so that they could last long. There is also the fatuous love which is filled with fire and commitment. This usually occurs among long term relationships. The key ingredients here are trust and intimacy. Lastly, the Consummate love is considered the best type because the ingredients needed to sustain relationships are all present which include passion, commitment and intimacy. And both married individuals should strive to acquire this type.

By Lam Bong

Discover Your Attitude to Love, Dating and Relationships and Find a Relationship Next Year

The way you perceive relationships has a lot to do with how you go about developing one. The more you figure out and understand your attitude and adjust whatever needs to be changed, the better chances you have to find a partner and cultivate a successful relationship next year.

What kind of a person do you perceive yourself to be?

* If you're a pessimist, believing that everything eventually comes to an end, it is most likely that your relationship will not last.
* If, on the other hand, you're an optimist, believing that "things will work out", it is likely that you'll give your relationship a chance.
* And if you're a realist, knowing that all relationships have their ups and downs, it's quite likely that you'll be willing to work on your relationship.

Does this short poem reflect in any way your own view of relationships?

Love's death begins with its conception.
First kiss of passion ignites the path to agony.
Everything comes to its end.
It's only a matter of time.

* Does this poem reflect a pessimistic view of love or a realistic one?
* Could it reflect both?
* Aren't there many relationships which begin with "falling in love" and end with "falling out of love".
* Isn't it true, then, that the "First kiss of passion ignites the path to agony"?

With what attitude do you go on dates?

Whether you perceive this poem to be a pessimistic or a realistic view of the nature of relationships, some adopt this poem's view as they go on blind-dates. It is as if they are careful, very careful, protecting themselves from the beginning, preparing themselves for the worst possible scenario.

Do you find yourself falling into this category?
Do you know others who do?

Regardless of the reason driving this view, those holding on to it don't realize that with such a belief they already set up the stage for another failed relationship.

This is a self-fulfilling-prophecy: they end up confronting what they've set up their mind to expect.

The more you reflect, the more you understand yourself

The more you understand your own view of relationships and why you adopted it, the more you become empowered to approach blind dates and relationships with a positive, constructive attitude, one which will lead you to grow and develop with a partner.

By Doron Gil, Ph.D.

The Hidden Secret of Great Love Relationships

Why having a great relationship is so important for all of us?

We cherish love stories because they show us that it is possible to be perfectly loved. All around us people talk about romance, soul-mates and endless love...while being in normal, safe but dull relationships. Is this a collective dream?

What are we all looking for in the dream relationship?

Beyond all the conscious reasons we say in public: "he really supports me," "she is caring and attentive," "we have so much fun together," is one hidden factor very difficult to put into words, or acknowledge.

As we all go through life developing into the full beings we need to be, there are some unfulfilled aspects left undone while we were growing up. Some childhood needs such as being accepted by our parents, being respected or fully appreciated were missing. Parents can be very busy, very unsuited to the task of parenting or simply lost in their own needs to recognize their children's vital needs and those reactions leave a very deep mark. Other times, parents are really abusive and inflict untold humiliation and verbal abuse on their children.

So, why do we need the great relationship for?

Because in our imagination, we are now selecting the person who will exactly heal us from childhood needs and emotional wounds, and make us, finally, whole persons. This ideal person will give us the acceptance, adoration and care we need to complete the task of growing up. This is the hidden request, the one we don't express, and don't ask for but expect and wait for.

How come this person I have selected myself as to be my adoring partner shows the same cold disinterest as I received from my father?

He has been chosen precisely because I saw in him the potential to give me enough adoration as to compensate old needs and make me whole! If we can begin to think of the other as our partner in this adventure, the first task is to know: what does he needs from me that he never received from his parents?

What was unjustly denied to her as a girl, that now I can provide?

People can tell different reasons for breaking up, but never accept the bitter disappointment that breaking up this invisible promise produces. It is a reality that sometimes we pick up, select and marry people who will treat us the same way our parents treated us, so perpetuating the abuse cycle.

Ignoring our own unconscious choices, we now feel that hope is lost, that we are back in the untenable situation of our childhood, with rejection and without any support or love...with the difference that now, we can't even dream with a better future, because the future is here and this person is utterly disappointing us in this level....Now, the marriage is at its lower point and heading for disaster.

Whatever the quality of our marriage, we keep waiting for the ideal person who can make us whole by accepting and loving us complete, as we are. Our parents loved us conditionally, trying to make us the people they expected, not what we were then.

Now, if there is deep disappointment with our present partner, there is always the dream to ask us to look beyond the marriage barriers, to any other who can fulfill the hidden promise. So we either get lovers, or get divorces and thus begin all the cycle again. Common marriages not addressing this hidden need can be relationships that qualify only as "pretty good."

But what creates a really great relationship?

A great, possible great relationship begins with making this hidden contract visible. If she was emotionally abused as a girl, the promise is: "I will never abuse you, and even more, I will give you enough support as to make you trust again." If he was an unappreciated boy, the promise is: "I will make you feel uniquely valued and appreciated in what you are, so you can have back a healthy self-esteem."

When we say to each other: I Love You Just the Way You Are it better include this point: "I love the hurt child inside you, because he/she is a beautiful child deserving all my love, and I promise not to abuse, hurt, diminish or make fun of this child, but to support him and make her grow." If we think that we can help each other "just forget the past," and begin a new life together now, we are playing with fire.

Both partners and their inner children need to be embraced, loved and healed by constant attention. Do you know what the best gift is? Give your beloved something connected with the stories she told you about being a child and wishing or needing something that was never provided, and give it to him.

The number one secret of a great relationship is accepting our partner EXACTLY as they are. We are wrong to try to change him, but is even worst to ignore the same inner part of our loved person we promised to accept and nurture. To create a great relationship, say and mean, "I love you as you are now, and I love also the child you are inside." No denial of this hidden needy aspect, no further rejection of his wishes as immature or childish. Give your attention to this lovely child, show compassion and tenderness and wait; the complete human being that you need to grow into is coming, and also is his adult person flourishing by the attention.

The ultimate marriage covenant is to help each other's self esteem to grow, healing past emotional abuse and walking together to more adult situations, which can't be reached if we don't heal the inner child before. If we ignore each other's needs, failing to provide support in this shared growth towards adulthood, we are cheating the promise of marriage, and behaving as careless and rejecting as our own parents were with us in the past.

If you are serious about loving and accepting your partner as she or he is, please, include their personal story in the program and accept that now, you are each other's healer of past wounds. This is your key to make each other happy.

By Nora Femenia

Love Relationship Advice: From A Man to A Woman

When it comes to winning a guy's heart or maintaining a healthy relationship with the man of their dreams, women count on the love relationship advice offered by their girlfriends. Some of them follow their gut.

A situation when a woman appears needy or wants attention EVERY TIME, is often dodged by men.

So, here we bring to you an exclusive piece of love relationship advice from a man to a woman.

Let's find out if you have some of these qualities and if not you can always try to impress your man with our love relationship advice:

1. Movies- It's all about being able to sit through a movie with your man: be it romantic comedy, drama or action. Be interested in what you're watching. Watching a movie together a nice way to bond. Let him know you're involved in the movie. Then, discuss what you liked or disliked about the movie. This'll give you a chance to spend some more time with him. If the story isn't your cup of tea, let him know. Don't nag about it. He'll appreciate your straightforwardness. If he cares about you he'll make a mental note for the future.

2. Be Presentable- 70% of males accept that having a hot partner is wonderful. But even if the lady is not so hot, they can manage with her being pretty. Men want their children to be beautiful, so an ugly dame is a no-no. They like women who're able to express their ideas. So, check the way you talk. If you can pen your thoughts with a decent use of language, it'll be an added advantage. Have your own take on things. Don't blindly endorse ideas. Your point of view should be backed by some solid reason. In a conversation, if the topic is alien to you, listen to what others have to say and then, use your head to pick a side.

3. Be Fun Loving- You should be able to have a good laugh and let him know that you have a lighter side to your perfect self! You shouldn't be reckless when having fun and be able to rein him in when needed. Yes! Men dig girls who are dependable.

On the other hand, you shouldn't be too careful that you end up ruining the fun night. Don't police him!

4. Liquor Holding Capacity- If you drink, you should know when to stop. Don't show off your drinking capacity by gulping down 6 shots of neat vodka, when you know you go crazy after the second one! Being a teetotaler is understandable. Vomiting all the way is bound to turn him off unless he's an opportunist.

5. Be Rooted- There's nothing wrong with being modern. Guys just say don't forget your basic values. He'll be impressed when he knows you take pride in being you. If you forget where you come from, then you couldn't possibly forecast the course of your relationship.

Hope this love relationship advice helped you sneak-a-peak in the men's world. Follow these tips and be worshipped like a goddess!

By Himanshu Jakhar

Love and Relationships - A Recipe For Success

Are you inside a committed wholesome relationship that's good for not just you, but also the one you adore. Love and relationships are being made for eternity, not just a day or two. You should look into making your life more pleasurable and purposeful by figuring out how to behave towards those you care most about.

The ideal thing to do in a relationship is to care for the other person´s needs before your own. Becoming selfless may be the major factor of what winning love is all about. Should you be having difficulties with selfishness you must come to terms with all of them effectively before going into into a marriage or another serious relationship. Why drag an additional person into your current problems? In the event that you genuinely wish to assist him or her, you will have to put the person in front of yourself. This usually means sacrifice. Self-centered individuals aren't keen to make sacrifices for others. If you are this way, save the person you profess to adore the anguish of finding out.

One more essential feature of love and relationships is the ignored virtue of commitment. The entire world tends to make it difficult for a man and a woman to maintain the commitments of marriage. Inside the United States of America you happen to be basically obligated to ante up more taxes if you're wedded than if you just stay together. But precisely what does shacking up convey to the world? It tells the world you prefer the pleasures and rewards of marriage without the commitment that goes with it. Again, this is selfish. Don't forget; love is not egotistical. Do the right thing. When you truly want to live with somebody, make the open dedication of marriage and get the benefit of a clean conscience along with the process.

If you're seeking to get married to end your loneliness, this can be a egotistical motive. Are you getting into into a romantic relationship to make yourself contented? A lot of men and women are doing this thing and helping to make their world plus the lives of others difficult in the process? Love and relationships can be created to be mutually pleasing to the two people involved. If one side ends up having unrealistic anticipations, it could be a ticking time bomb of emotions. What happens if both people have impractical anticipations? This really is a recipe for trouble. When getting into significant relationships, its great to have wide open avenues of communication. Make sure you examine all the expectations you've got, plus the anticipations of the other side also. The word "all" is stressed in the last phrase. Money, sex, the future, children and any other critical subject needs to be brought out into the light and honestly talked about. Being open and truthful may be the ideal policy.

Love and relationships are usually being held in high respect when they are found within the bonds of matrimony. This relationship will be the bonding fabric of humanity. When you break it up, you aren't performing the world a favor. A full three out of five marriages within the United states are faltering according to statistics. Don't be a part of this wrecking of the social fabric.

If you're not one to maintain your promises, particularly in marriage, it is better to stay out of a relationship. Clean up your act. Grow to be the individual that other people can style their lives around. Afterward, get into a meaningful romantic relationship that makes the other person the thing of value. Be non selfish and grow to be happy.

By Rupert Delaney

The Importance of Love Relationships for Your Mental Stability - Finding Your Perfect Match

Love relationships are very important in everyone's life. If you have traumatic love relationships when you are young, you'll face tragic future situations. If you have no love relationships at all, you'll develop a dangerous complex. You may even become mentally ill.

Love is in fact very dangerous. When you are in love, you cannot control your behavior. You cannot respect your moral principals. You become a slave of your feelings.

This is why the unconscious mind that produces your dreams sends you many dreams with objective information about the person you love.

You have many advantages in life when you are able to translate the meaning of dreams before getting married. The unconscious mind helps you find your perfect match, and have a perfect love relationship.

Wish I knew everything I know today when I was very young. However, at that time I was only gradually discovering the importance of the dream messages.

I had a warning about my husband in a dream before getting married, but I didn't believe that dreams should be trusted. I didn't know how to translate the meaning of dreams at that time. However, the warning was so clear that anyone could easily understand it.

This happened because dreams about love are not as symbolic as dreams about our mental health.

I should have listened to the voice that told me in a dream that my husband wouldn't love me for long. His love had a very short duration because he only wanted to take advantage of my naïve character. My husband was looking for a wife who would help him succeed in life. He never really loved me. He was an actor.

When I started having daily fights with him, I remembered the dream I had advising me that my husband's love would have a short duration. This fact helped me understand that I had to pay attention to dream warnings. My marriage was one of the worst mistakes I made in my life.

I didn't love my husband either. He was a very good friend who insisted very much on having a love relationship with me. In the end I decided to give him a chance.

This marriage couldn't have a happy end. It was based on mistakes and lies.

However, I couldn't understand this truth at that time. I was very ignorant, and I used to believe in unreal things. I was a slave of my rational psychological type. In other words, only my ideas were important for me. I belonged to the introverted psychological type based on thoughts. I had no feelings. I was totally insensitive.

My husband was a slave of his psychological type too. He belonged to the extroverted psychological type based on intuitions. He could guess the future development of reality, especially concerning business deals. He was always pursuing new money-making opportunities, but he didn't want to work too long on his plans.

Our personalities didn't fit together; we were totally different. However, we couldn't understand our own absurdity for deciding to get married. We thought we could shape our lives the way we wanted to.

There are many couples that make similar mistakes, for different reasons. There are people who are slaves of their feelings, and cannot logically understand that the person they love is not the ideal one for them. Other people care only about sexual pleasure, without paying attention to their inner feelings. I could give you numerous examples of love relationships based on false impressions and lies.

If you'll seriously think about all the mistakes you could make in life, you'll clearly understand that there are too many dangers threatening your happiness. A tragic love relationship can ruin your life and your mental stability forever.

You need protection.

I advise you to study the meaning of dreams about love because they are very simple, and this precious knowledge will save your life. Learn everything you can about the person you love before getting married. Learn also everything you can about yourself. You'll never find authentic happiness by chance.

I became a psychiatrist and psychologist for being able to help everyone find sound mental health by obeying the unconscious guidance in dreams. I'm only a human being, but the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams has a divine origin.

The first ones I wanted to help when I started working online were the most desperate ones. I started helping people who wanted to commit suicide, especially young people who abuse their bodies. Self-abuse is one of the worst mental disorders existent today. It affects teenagers and young adults.

I had various conversations with teens who abuse their bodies. I also translated the dreams of a few of them.

They don't accept advice, and they don't want to follow psychotherapy.

I understood that I would only be able to help these teens by helping their parents. This is why I decide to work on helping everyone find love and happiness in life before getting married.

Everything begins with a marriage, this fatal step in everyone's life.

When the couple is not happy together, their children won't learn how to be happy, but develop mental illnesses and mental disorders. Everyone is very vulnerable to mental illnesses because we inherit a totally absurd primitive conscience into the biggest part of our brain.

I know that you don't want to think about depression now that you are young, and you have many beautiful plans. However, there are many hidden traps in your journey.

You can very easily lose your mental stability, form a problematic family, and then, have depressed children. Pay attention to this fact, and care about eliminating all the possibilities of failure from your destiny. You have this power if you obey the unconscious wisdom.

Don't make ridiculous mistakes for being a slave of your psychological type. Don't let your primitive conscience control your behavior. Find your perfect match before getting involved with the wrong person.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

By Christina Sponias

Building Relationships, Commitment, and Love - Starting With I

We continue our series on how to build interpersonal relationships, whether with family, coworkers, friends, or that special someone. Commitment and love are important to all of us; they are worth fighting for; they are worth working for. You also should know that in spite of many promises there is no secret for success, no checklist of things to do, and just as importantly no checklist of things not to do. But we do have suggestions, now continuing with the letter I. We actually have a double series of articles for the letter I. The focus here is on idea, impartial, and indispensable.

I is for idea. Don't be short on ideas. The way I look at things, it's a lot better to scratch your brain and come up with some new ideas than to simply be a yes person (they used to call them yes men.) Of course, some of your ideas won't fly. So don't get all defensive when people call them into question. Don't assume that just because people disagree with your ideas that they are attacking you. Of course you know your colleagues, friends, and family. Some people will attack you, and even end up claiming your ideas for their own. You should keep a careful record of your ideas so you won't be submitting the same ones twice. And learn from your mistakes. That way you can resubmit the new improved version. It may fly the second or the tenth time.

I is for impartial. Don't immediately take sides in an argument. Try to hear both sides before making a decision. And don't decide on the basis that Isabelle is more reliable than Itchy, besides smelling better as well. There is nothing as impartial as flipping a coin. I could swear that's how some judicial and even family decisions are made. But maybe I'm not impartial.

I is for indispensable. There is no way to secure your future like being indispensable. The rumor had it when I was a computer programmer way back when that some people, insecure for their future, would intentionally place "bugs" or mistakes in their programs. They would come in and fix the problem, ideally after other possibly more qualified programmers would throw up their hands in despair at being unable to solve the problem. There are surely other, less controversial ways of becoming indispensable. Ways that could not be construed as sabotage. And I'm not talking about marrying the boss's daughter, son, or both.

By Levi Reiss

Dating Relationships - Love and Personality

Love is not just how we fell towards another person. It is not the only up-thrust into a dating relationship. It is also a matter of how we express our feelings to them. We all follow the trends in love craze and sing along the most romantic love songs. Sometimes our love lives take a turn that we never thought possible. The reason why this happens is manly because many people fail to investigate their own love, personality and knowledge while looking for someone with whom you are compatible.

When people of opposite sex meet for the first time and there is something between them suggesting the crown of dating relationships, something closer to mutual interest in each other, the attraction is often overwhelming. The appreciation of the love life comes from both parties and it appears nothing will ever bring the love birds apart.

Then there comes the question that has nagged mankind for generations. Why does love wane so quickly? Couples will appear to have suddenly turned into archrivals with accusations of unfaithfulness and neglecting of responsibilities. The spouses stop giving and start to make demands. This love trend may continue at the same rate but may sometimes differ in different partners depending on their character traits. Since dating relationships do not regard the right way to fall in love, no one can claim to have a prescription. How you meet is of little importance. Most perfect couples meet in the oddest circumstances.

The extent to which lovers maintain creativity without appearing to look unnatural could be debated. It is difficult to know the personality of your lover during the dating period. A person will always take care not to behave in a manner that may make them appear unkind or undesirable. The only trait that comes out clearly is that concerning sex, love and romance in all dating relationships. There is a risk of someone faking a desirable personality only to change a few days after marriage.

A lot of observation is called for, plus a keen interest in the person's background as well as the motives that motivate the individual's behavior during the dating period. The ideas you have concerning love and romance. You have to be keen on observation meaning your consciousness has to be always on the alert. Dating relationships do call for carefulness. For instance, if you like going out in the beach and when you suggest this to your partner she readily agrees, you may not succeed in knowing what her likes are. You need to know what else she likes apart from going to the beach. She may not even like going there at all.

Find out about the things that tickle a sense of belonging in her. Know what she would rather die than do and know what annoys her most. Use this knowledge to tell if you are a match for her or not. Knowledge of these things helps in figuring not only the love personality of your prospective spouse but also your own, which fits you in the line of dating relationships that might lead to something more. If you are the kind of a person who is always fascinated by the meaning of things and not the things themselves, you will have a difficult time trying to impress a person who accepts things the way they are without delving into their meaning.

By Francis K Githinji

Advice on Love Relationships

There is nothing wrong in being madly in love with someone. It maybe that you have already that long desire to have that particular girl or boy since you were young. Yet, before entering into a relationship, remember that it's not something which you can just dump when you feel bored. Although, this is what happens to those who jump on fences before scaling the height, this should be avoided.

You may say that that is the trend of the younger generation today. That love is nothing but only a short term fun. But in the end, when you get old, you'll realize that it should have been better when you have considered love sacred when you were young. There are too many relationships that only last for about a month or a couple of days. This is because they are not built with a strong foundation called true love.

Either a young or old lover, you need to have some principles when having a relationship. You can get these advices on love on books and magazines that deal on the topic. The internet is even more convenient when it comes to asking for tips and techniques. Most of all, the testimony of long lasting couples will have very weighty impact on any one who searches answer about love.

Although love can now be expressed in many ways, other proven advices still remain effective. For example of this is giving quality time. The term 'quality time' means that no matter how short the period is, you have both filled it with worthy and cherished moments. Then you have respect. This pertains to the respect you need to give to your partner when it comes to irreconcilable differences. This is sometimes the reason why people break up. But the truth is, if only there is respect on the preferences and likes of one another, two people can live comfortably. Unless of course it these differences lead to regular fights and misunderstandings.

By Chuck Kastor