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Love ignorance | Relationship Change


Nick replies

Love can't happen one way, it has to ne reciprocative. If suddenly she is not responding to you or has changed after she met a new guy then might be that she never loved you.

Grow up and be a man ! Don't force love, it just happens. If possible speak with her and get a clear picture, if she is not even ready to speak with you then it is not worth the effor.

Move On

God Bless !

Love Mistrust & Uncomfort

i am 22 years old.i have been in a relation for the past one year.since a few months,my boyfriend(lives in another state)has started being hell dominating regarding my interaction with other males.he restricts me of even having formal interaction.i have deleted my accounts from social sites(he hates male batchmates send me requests and also suspects,i changed my number and not given my new no. to any male batchmates i know.things become miserable when i am not allowed to sit with my female mates if they sit with guys at the college canteen or go out for lunch,movie avoiding guys have made me go far from girls too(as they spend time with boys)and therefore i miss all the fun these people have.i about to go out for further studies and even there the situation would remain same.he becomes wild in such issues when i interact (or about to interact) with males.he is suspicious as well.i cant make him understand so i have decided to end it here.but i f ear what if he gets mad and threats me later or cause trouble??

Nick replies

Go to him and speak out your frustration. Make him realize that you have been honest in this relation and due to his pathetic behavior you are ending it.

I don't think he will create any problem in future, because, out of my experience people with low guts & self confidence behave like this

God Bless !

Love with a distance

Hello Sir, I'm a 22 year old girl.m in long distance relationship my relation is pure but the problem is my lover not understand me he always using abusing words and lots to comment on my image but m always try to understand the things but all the things are on my image he can't respect me and my fellings in a small things he get angree and he realise these thing said sorry but next day he again fallow is attitude m to upset what to do ? :(

Nick replies:

Love and respect are like heart and heartbeats. They can't work separately. If your guy is not respecting you and he abuses you for no fault of yours then you have to put your foot down and say this to him. Inform him that his behavior is disturbing you and it will be difficult to continue this way. Say him that you love him a lot but these kind of behavior is creating a rify and distance in this relationship.

Hope this helps.

God Bless !

Love and Relationship | Struggling due to past

 i love a girl,her name ____,she also loves ma very much,we can't leave without each-other,bt i was alcoholic & lofer in my past,her mother think that i'm stell a bad boy in present,bt i'm realy totaly change now,for this reson her mother try to break our relation,i'm helpless,plz help me

Nick replies:

See it is very obvious on her mother's part because she will be apprehensive about giving her daughter to a "supposedly" alcoholic guy.

But as you say you have changed prove it to her mother. Try to meet her mother and assure that you will be a strong support for her daughter. Also give her the confidence that you will not get into the earlier mode of being an alcoholic.

It is only proper communication with her mom that can sort this problem and the communication should build confidence in her that you are saying the truth.

A big factor is you have to prove that you will keep her daughter emotionally, mentally, physically and FINANCIALLY secure. I have intentionally written "financially" in bold because this is big consideration for parents while looking for a partner for daughters.

Hope this helps.

God Bless !

Feng Shui Love Attraction Suggestions

At first look, these tips may seem simple and even humorous. You don't need to deal with them severely, but who knows, possibly they may allow you to attract that special man or woman that you have been looking out for.

Down with the loneliness! If your home is stuffed with portraits where you are stunning but lonely - it is best to take away them. Any photographs that could symbolize loneliness or disappointment have to be removed.

Long live the coupling! When you have collectible figurines in your cabinet, have them in pairs. For instance, you probably have a porcelain female cat, spend a weekend in quest of a porcelain male cat, or maybe even just a few kittens. The feng shui love ideas might be boiled right down to basic math - have all the pieces in 2 (collectible figurines, candles, goblets, vases, and so on).

If you display images of your family, select those where the household is depicted together. Contemplate hanging an image of a couple of swans, putting a figurine of a few mandarin geese, or hanging Klimt's portray "The Kiss" in your home.

Needless to say images the place you're with your exes are best removed. It's best not to have any reminders of previous relationships: no forgotten sweaters, shoes, plush toys or dried flowers. To make room for something new, you have to first eliminate the old. Skeletons have no place in your wardrobe - there ought to be a spot to your future man or woman. Consider making area for free hangers within the closet, sneakers in the hallway, and have a spare toothbrush in the bathroom.

Some Feng Shui Love Magic: Take a spherical clear vase product of crystal or glass and fill it with water. Place some pretty gemstones and a gold or silver ring inside. Place rose petals on top, and put two floating candles on the water. Place the bowl in the southwest sector of your own home, or in the proper nook from the entrance to your bedroom. Mild the candles every night, and change the water and petals regularly. Next to the vase, you may place the feng shui ducks.

Mattress Check-Out: Your mattress needs to be double. When you sleep with one pillow, get a second pillow. Purchase pink linen with hearts. All this could remind the cosmos that you simply care about love and romance.

Sleeping in Red: Pink is a strong magnet for love, so here's the advice: try to sleep completely in crimson shorts, lingerie, or nightgowns. Many people say that this feng shui love tip helped them discover love.

The artwork of residing in concord with oneself and the environment is the principle principle of Feng Shui. Using particular knowledge can help to enhance nearly every side of life, including personal relationships. Begin together with your inner self. The good Buddha stated to "Love your self and watch in the present day, tomorrow, and at all times". The extra positive your perspective to life and love is, the more harmonious the connection with the other sex will be. We create our world ourselves - together with the love in our lives.           

Love - Start With Vigor After Failure

Love - Start With Vigor After Failure
Defeat in love is very disheartening. You love some physique dearly and he/she does not reciprocate your feelings at all. Or you have got already gone a protracted distance with someone and he/she goes alone after that.  Any failure in love and relationship takes the strength away. It kills something inside and the defeat makes another try look very difficult. Is this acceptable. Can life not be carried on after such defeats? Why get disheartened and blame ones fate? Why lower vanity? Why do all that self-beating?

Success just isn't our proper, nor failure our destiny. Life is a hurdle race. Every life has its ups and downs. The winner is one who gets up after falling again and again. You will say - Simpler stated than done. I agree. Failure in love is very destructive. We make investments quite a bit in love. After that when we face defeat, we feel cheated and helpless. We really feel that destiny has dealt poor playing cards to us. It is little doubt troublesome to bear the pain.

What must be carried out? Analyze why this failure happened/ in the event you discover any fault of your own, please appropriate it. If you happen to find fault of the one you love, please forgive. Start making contacts again. Seek for your soul mate again. Have religion that this time you'll get somebody real good and worthy of your love. Forget the past. Erase it. Have a look at it dispassionately and res energize yourself. It's tough, but it may be done.

Considering of past failure will solely bring extra pain. Visualize yourself becoming successful. Consider all the great days which are ready for you. Consider a future that will probably be very bright. Struggle each adverse feeling with something more positive. Don't give up. After every fall rise again. Success will likely be yours.           


Friend or Family !!

Hello Sir,

 I'm a 21 year old girl. I happened to fall in love with my friend in college. As friends, we were pretty close. We talk to each other often and used to meet frequently. Initially I gave him few hints to let know that I love him. But it did not work out. Later, I proposed him. He told me that it was a surprise from me and that he didn't expect it from me. He asked me a month's time for deciding. I waited. After a month, he told me that he likes me so much as a friend but he couldn't think of me as his partner. That hurted me a lot. And then, I thought I could get away from him since I couldn't be his friend anymore. But he told me that he didn't want me to leave him and he never wanna lose me as a friend. He told me that it didn't happen on me as of now but he might fall in love with me in future. He said he is clueless about the future. Now, I'm put into a difficult situation. 

                        Should I continue talking to him as a friend believing that one day he will fall in love with me?? or should I get away from him in order to move on? ....

Sir please send your reply to my mail. I will also check your blog for your reply. Thank you! 

Nick replies

I don't see a problem in talking with that guy when he has clearly mentioned that he likes you as a friend but this should not be in belief that he will love you some day, this would not be the correct approach and you would not do justice to your friendship as well your love.

Be a good friend and don't expect anything more than that. The guy has been honest in saying what he felt that itself shows that he is a good friend.

There is an old saying for lovers:

"If you love something, set it free, 
 If it comes back it will be yours always"

Be a good friend !

God Bless