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Confusion with two boy friends


My friend confront me about his feelings he said he loves me so much actually he is my crush...
and i think i'm falling in love with him too. the problem is both of us are committed, he is nice and sweet to me,
you cant blame me why i'm falling in love with him while im commited cause my bf ( we are 5 years commited, always have mis understandin and etc to make our relation more worst, take note m parents like him so much) dont have time to me because of some reason and he always mad at
me with wrong reason, at first the confession of my friend is nothing to me but everytime i see things that different to my bf
i can't stop my feelings.
please help me.. what should i do..??

how can i dtermined whose the better between them,,


I think you should talk to your first BF, understand things. If he behaving the same and not ready to change then you should think other way. You are committed for last 5years so there is an importaqnce to this relation so try to talk & sort, if it doesn't work and you feel the other guy is better then you should go ahead


Sincere Love

hi, i just want to hear some advise from you. i have a boyfriend who i think not trusting just start as this, in my school thers a guy who courting me, he knows i have boyfriend and im not allowing him but he day he text me a message containing that he miss me.. the one who red that message was my boyfriend and i explained it to him who really that guy was. but he still not believing in my explanation, and until now he thinking of me bad. that im doing something whether im not. this make me feel so bad, and the effects this to me is imy self confidence is lessen cause i think anything i do will be bad to's hurting me so much..


I think you should spare sometime, talk with him & clear all his doubts. Even the biggest of wars can be solved with calm & composed discussions.