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Phone Love


my story is so different, first time i meet her like this:
i dialled a wrong number.

At first she scoulded me, but after 3 days she became very close to me, from that time am in love with her,
every day we will chat on mobile it'self, after some days, she got medical seat at CMC
she went there, and called me one day. after that every day she calling me or i will call to her friend's mobile to talk with her
yesturday i proposed my "Love", she exactly said like this:
" hey you are my gud friend na? why u said like this? i never expected des from..
my mood is not good, i can't getting how to react for this?"

am very sad..

i dont know what she really said..
plz help me..
1 more thing, till now i didn't seen her. (Love without seeing her).


Call her & apologize. Tell her that you are sorry and probably rushed into conclusions. Just inform her that you expressed your feelings. Also say that you will accept whatever she says and wrequest her to continue your friendship


Money Matters

hello: Neptunei am an 18 year-old grade 12 boy.I attend school in one of the good schools in my town.i am in love with a grade 11 girl.When i proposed her, she accepted my love.But not so long, one of my teachers proposed to her now she does not even talk to me,when she does she talks to me as if i am a little boy.She even said that once i have a car and a cellphone, i can come back to talk to her.I am angry with my teacher.I love this girl.I visualized her as my future wife.what should i do? Get rid of the teacher and the girl or myself?"please help!please give more advices by looking at both sides of human rights.


See if the lady is asking for materialistic things then probably she dont deserve your love. Try to understand people, watch around there are much better people who will care for you rather than the things you give.


He has changed

hello, i am 20years old and in a relation with a person who is 6 months older to me for three years , in the beginning of the relation every thing worked well but from when he joined college he started changing , we talk each day but hardly for 10mins , he is in his 3rd year , he is also involved in politics , he promised to marry me & we had physical relation too, but now he is finding trouble in the relations, if i call him he feels irritated , he says he is very busy &doesn't have time to meet me regularly , we meet for once in a month, on small issues he speaks of break up, but i love him truely, what should i do? please help me out.

Hi dear,

Understand one thing, in love the most important things are trust & respect. If your lover doesn't respect you then you should maintain your self respect & act accordingly. Your lover might be busy & might be in some tension.

Try to speak with him in person and sort the issue. Speak out your mind he will definitely understand.


I want my love back

Hi Dear sir, first of all i highly admire for helping people with love problems.

My name is asif and i fall in love with a women that broke my heart and left me in the darkness, in the begging of the relationship both of our feeling were the same and beside we had alot in common but now after four months of separation and knowing that at this moment she in relationship with someone else, i know that she is not inlove with person she is with at the moment and knowing that she still have feelings for me but that problem is that i cant get her back no matter waht i do and i want her back becuase i think is the right person for me. what do suggest for me

please advise

sincerly yours

I would like to give a short reply to you.

If you believ in love there is a small rule in life.
"If you love someone, set the person free. If the person is your he / she will definitely come back, if they don't then it was never yours"

Hope you got the message.

Pre Marital & Post Marital Relationship

Hi,I am 18 years old girl.i love a married man and he loves me too.My problem is that when it was just starting of our affair,we used to chat for around 2 to 3 hours daily..while chatting,we always did romance..but when i made complete physical relation with him(without sex),he started avoiding me..he would always say that he has very busy routine and does not have time to chat..from the last 10 months,he is behaving like this..he says he loves me truly and when i fight with him for this,he says that i am immature and should understand his situation.he never calls me and never let me call him bcz he wants to be cautious..we hardly talk for about thrice a month on phone,and when we talk,he does not talks for more than 10 minutes..he never replies to my sms now.he says we shuold contact each other via internet only..he replies to my mails,but he never initiates..moreover,he always appear invisible to me in messenger..he says he want freedom..sometimes i have to wait for about an hour to chat with him and even then he chats for not more than 20 min,,and that also twice or thrice a week..the same reason,he says he has very busy routine.we hardly meet.. we used to have physical relation too..when he calls me(once or twice in a month)he wants me to come to his place to have physical relation.we used to have physical relation about twice a month..and now he wants to go for sex also..we had it once,but i cant go for sex in future as i think i am deceiving my family trusts and love me a lot.when i told him that i wont go for physical relation in future,he said that he dont wants to go for love any more and he will be my good friend only!!he is living alone here.his family is in other city and he goes every weekend to meet them.he has a child also..i know our love has no future,,but i love him unconditionally,very truly and deeply.please help is disturbing my studies also.i am a non-medical student an this is the time for my carrier building.i have dropped a year for IIT,but i think about him most of the time and gets upset from his behaviour.i cant concentrate on my studies..i cant understand what is going on!i tried to leave him,but i could not.i love him a lot.non of my friend or family memeber knows about it.i cant discuss my problem with any one of them.please tell me what to do.pls do reply fast. confused


As you have accepted in you message that you know this is not right even I would say the same. Just analyze that this relation is not only between both of you, this has to do with many people who are related to both of you. See just think, if you got married & your husband does something like this how would you feel - I am pretty sure you wouldn't like it. Think about his wife & family. From the sounds of it I don't feel he is into any commitment and he is interested only in physical stuff, thats what I gauge.

I would advice to stop this as soon as possible. Concentrate on your studies, it simple you can do it. Just convince yourself that what you are doing is wrong and everything else would follow.

Hope you would be convinced & agree with what I said.