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Friendship & Love

Hii came across the blogspot and thought maybe you could help...i thinkthat i am in love with a former has been 5 years sinceschool but i can't stop thinking about her...during this period i hadmet her few times...our conversations hover around general topics....ihave an inkling that she knows about my feelings but she responds as abatchmate to my messages recently i have been thinking that probably she'd be happy without meand i should let go for her good...but still i can't get her out of myhead ...i am confusedmann


Hi R,

The best way to get out of confusion is to destroy the root cause of confusion. It is simple just talk with her. Convey that she is a good friend and request to be a good friend whatever her answer is. Express your feelings in a very sober manner & give her time. Even if she says no dont get disappointed give her time and be good friends.


Respect your partner's / friend's feelings

hi neptune,

tis is sri..........i called her talked 2 her n she was saying tat as she was not interested ..but it seems she is interested in continuing the conversation ....i feel it.....just plz guide me ther any way 2 work out? i was not disappointed..ppls say if there is a will, there is a i must have some cool tips in my store boss...u guide me in the proper way, being u r the wisest counsellor...


Hi Sri,
See in a relation you should respect the other persons feeling too. I would advice that if she is not intersted respect her decision & give her some time. You never know going forward she might be interested. But as of now you should pause your expectations. You are right "If there is a will there is a way", and now the way is you be a very good supportive friend to her.

Give her time - be good friends. Its a lovely feeling to be in a good friendship . Dont over impose her with your feelings. Dont be possessive & restrict her. I am sure if you be a supportive friend of her she might start liking you. But remember one great saying "Love is like a bird, set it free, if it comes back it was yours if it doesnt it was never yours".

So be good friend of your loved one, dont over impose your feelings on her. Good will happen to you.


Know your importance in her life

Hey Sri,
hi neptune..........hru?.tis is sri.......... i asked her through msges only..budt did't get even one repply...i tried 2 call her ...but she was not receiving my call..but am sure she scares of sthing...may be..just tell me how 2 sort out tis issue...if i met her directly shld i ask why she is dng so ........plz guide me neptune............

waiting for ur repply


Hi Sri,

Do one thing for the coming one week dont contact her at all. No phones, no messsages, no chat & no e-mail. You should strictly follow this. This would help you in understanding what you mean to her, if she communicates with you then be very casual and respond only to stuff what she has asked. Just behave with her as an ordinary friend.

Do this without fail. If she doesn't respond then probably she is the not the proper person for you. I don't say she is bad I mean to say that probably both of are not made for each other.

Try following this

Take care & concentrate on other important aspects of your life too.



Misunderstanding in Relationship

Hi,(I saw this site on the net and thought you could help.)I have or had an ongoing relationship with a girl. And we both told ourselves that we love each other. And a couple of weeks ago we had an misunderstanding and we nearly broke up but later we talked about it and solved it. After that due to some problems at home i didn't contact her for a couple of days but now when i contact her she doesn't receive my calls and turns her mobile off.I can't figure out what's going on and why is she doing this????Can u tell me what to do???or an advice would be great!! T.R.

Hello TR,

  • Primarily you should analyze the root cause of the misunderstanding
  • Try to resolve & rectify all the mistakes that happended from your side
  • Try sending her a text message stating why you couldn't contact her for some days
  • If you know where she commutes go over there without her information and try to talk with her
  • OR Text message her that you would like to meet her and request her to come
  • While doing all the above stuff always respect her feelings and try to understand what she has to say.

Hope this helps